Advantages Of Using HapaSIS

The subsequent paragraphs explain the advantages of our education management system to specific entities in an educational institution.

  1. Advantages to Teachers

This school information system software offers several benefits to teachers such as

  • Computerised management of marks and grades
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents
  • Access to a forum common to students and parents
  • Access to own and students’ attendance
  • Better organisation of school activities


  1. Advantages to Students

Students gain the most from HapaSIS – School Information System. Some key benefits for students are:

  • Students can login and check their results online
  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers
  • Access to attendance, schedules, marks, grades and examination schedule
  • Online access to your current and previous examination and billing reports
  • Freedom to browse through your current and previous examination records
  • Prior information about school events and holidays


  1. Advantages to Parents

Parents too stand to gain from HapaSIS’s school information software. Some of the advantages of this school software for parents are:

  • Parents can login and check their wards results online
  • Frequent interaction with teachers
  • Active participation in school activities
  • Reliable update on child’s attendance, progress report and fee payment.
  • Prior information about school events and holidays
  • Regular and prompt availability of school updates through discussion forums, and messaging system


  1. Advantages to School Administration

Our school information system software has something for everyone related directly or indirectly to a school. Some of the key advantages to schools and educational institutions are as follows:

  • Easy performance monitoring of individual modules leading to uncomplicated error detection
  • Automated and quick report generation along with process turnaround time
  • Centralised data repository for trouble-free data access
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
  • High level data security
  • Design for unproblematic scalability
  • Elimination of people-dependent processes
  • Minimal data redundancy


  1. Advantages to Management

School administrative staff can reap several benefits from HapaSIS – School Information System, some of which are as follows:

  • Multiple campus management
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
  • Creation of school’s tech savvy image
  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
  • Best possible resource optimisation
  • Availability of microscopic as well as macroscopic views
  • Cost-effective one point solution for total school management


  1. Strategic Advantages

HapaSIS – School Information System is a powerful online school information software that can provide several strategic advantages to your school

  • Total Operational Automation
  • More Time to focus on Strategic Tasks
  • Multiple Campus Management
  • One-Time Fee Of the System
  • Anywhere Availability – Internet or Intranet
  • Scalable, Customizable and Supports Multiple Languages.
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
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