HapaSIS Version 3.0

HAPASIS version 3.0 is ready Click here to see Version-3 requirements
Upgrade starts tomorrow (Friday, 17/11/17)
This version addresses all issues reported plus new requirements sent to us from all the schools on our platform.
You shall be notified as soon as your school’s version is up to date
NB: we are using 1-week for upgrade & 1-week for school-specific customisation
We appreciate your co-operation and hope to deliver better support in all aspects.
Thank you
Support Team

Click here to see Version-3 requirements


The software is built using the PHP programming language and can be installed online, on a school’s internal server or on a single PC. It has been designed specifically for schools in the West Africa sub-region that are within the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) Zone.

Hapasis School Information System Capabilities

  • Students Admission
  • Fee Management (Fee collection & Billing)
  • Examination Management (Grading, Assessment & Reports)
  • Text messages & Alerts (send PTA meetings, Students reports via sms

HapaSIS 0.1

  • Released 26 July 2012

This was the very first version of HapaSIS, and represented a great deal of work in improving the Opensis codebase.


  • Grading: We changed the grading scale to fit that of the West Africa Examinations Council.
  • Comments: Changed the Commenting process to be include Conduct’, ‘Interest’ and ‘Attitude ‘and  ‘Form Master or Mistress’
  • Report Card: Made changes to the default report card to include Term/Semester end date, Head teacher signature and other student information.
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