Installation & Training

HAPASIS is available on both modes– Online as well as Offline. Both modes have all the modules and features. No charges for installation and training. Total required training shall be given to all users (staff members) and a minimum of three ICT teachers (or teachers ready and available) to manage the system as administrators with one of them acting as the supper admin. Location, hours and dates of upcoming training shall be arranged by the school at their own convenience. Also a step by step user manual shall be given to all users.

System Support And Upgrades

We provide full system support, maintenance and upgrades for all our softwares. HAPASIS clients can choose from a wide array of the services and support that have set the standard for our industry. More than 50 training days a year, a large and experienced support team — all ensure your ability to reach the full potential of the technologies we’ve created for you.


HAPASIS offers integration both in devices and design. Whether you access HAPASIS from your desktop, the web or your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod Touch®, you’re using a powerful solution with the right technology for each device — so you can use your computer, tablet or smart phone just the way it was designed to be used.