HapaSIS Versions

The software is built using the PHP programming language and can be installed online, on a school’s internal server or on a single PC. It has been designed specifically for schools in the West Africa sub-region that are within the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) Zone.

Hapasis School Information System Capabilities

  • Students Admission
  • Fee Management (Fee collection & Billing)
  • Examination Management (Grading, Assessment & Reports)
  • Text messages & Alerts (send PTA meetings, Students reports via sms

HapaSIS 0.1

  • Released 26 July 2012

This was the very first version of HapaSIS, and represented a great deal of work in improving the Opensis codebase.


  • Grading: We changed the grading scale to fit that of the West Africa Examinations Council.
  • Comments: Changed the Commenting process to be include Conduct’, ‘Interest’ and ‘Attitude ‘and  ‘Form Master or Mistress’
  • Report Card: Made changes to the default report card to include Term/Semester end date, Head teacher signature and other student information.
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