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Welcome to HapaSIS Student Information System

1.0 Audience  

This document is intended as a complete guide for using HAPASIS. This document is specially designed for non-specialists; specialists may find the document a useful point of reference. By reading this guide, you will learn how to use HAPASIS through the elements of the graphical user interface and what’s behind some of the advanced features that are not always obvious at first sight. It will hopefully guide you around some common problems that frequently appear for users of HAPASIS.

2.0 The System  
Log in to the HAPASIS School Information Management System using your Administrator account that has been given to you as shown in Figure 1.0.

Figure 1.0 Login Screen

Capture (2)

3.0 Home  
When an Admin logs into the system, the first thing he/she will see is the “Home” screen also known as the “Dashboard

The Dashboard is your default home page and provides access to important alerts when you log in to the application. The HAPASIS dashboard shows all recent calendar event information, portal notes and alerts for teachers posted by the administrator. When you log in for the first time it will be a blank screen. It will fill up as and when the school admin adds day-today records in your instance of the software.

As a teacher, you can view student information and schedules for students whom you teach and input grades for these students. You can keep track of students’ grades from the Grades tab. From this tab, not only can you keep track of grades, but you can view students final grades and print report cards for any of your students.

You can also quickly access a Student’s Demographic Information from the Student’s tab.

When you click on any of the tabs in the top menu, you will see a list of sub-menus available to you in that category. Clicking on any menu will launch the specific page in the main frame, and it will update the help frame to display help for that section.

In many places in HAPASIS, you will see data that are modifiable. You will have to first click the value you want to change to have access to an input field. Then, when you change the value and save, the value will return to its previous state.

You can log out of HAPASIS at any time by clicking the “Logout” link at the top right of your workspace.

3.1 Hapasis Admin Module Overview

The Admin Module provides you with full control of all settings that affect the action of your

HAPASIS implementation. Through the Admin Module, you can:

  • Define the school hierarchy; pass mark, class work & exam percentages, class work items (assignments, class test, project work etc.).
  • Add other administrators, and set access levels for each user.
  •  Handle security issues.
  • Configure report card grades, report card comment, conduct and interest.
  • Enable/Disable Module display

The Admin Module is the central control of the system and setting it up accurately is important for smooth operation.

The Admin Module consists of:

School Setup: Allows the admin to enter/store general school information, programmes and courses offered in the school ,structure of Class levels and Houses.

Students: Allows you to add student’s personal information, addresses & contacts, medical records etc. This option also gives you all the necessary details of a particular student.

Users: Add multiple School Admins who will control the system, create logins for general users through predefined profiles such as Teacher, Class/Form Teacher, House Master/Mistress, Accountant, Parent and more.

Scheduling: This module allows you to modify a student’s course schedule, add or drop a course assigned to a student.

Grades: This utility allows you to define pass mark, class work & exam percentages, class work items (assignment, class test, project work etc.). It also allows you to print a range of reports including: Student report card, Transcript, Course report, Term examination report etc.

Attendance: This page allows you to view and change the student attendance records for any given day, term or year.

Eligibility: This page displays the student’s activities and the current time frame’s eligibility grades. The program also allows you to add and delete activities to the student.



Tools: This option gives you the entire log in details to manage, backup utility to create a backup of the database along with the database structure.

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