The software is built using PHP programming language and can be installed online, on a school’s internal server or on a single PC. It has been designed specifically for schools in the West Africa sub-region that are within the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) Zone.

Schools have the option to purchase the software out right and install it on their own severs or PC, but will have to purchase SMS credits from us separately to use the SMS features of the software and also pay for any support they will need from us beyond the initial configuration.

A second purchasing option which most schools prefer is to subscribe to our cloud hosting service where we host the software on our server and parents pay ¢3.00 per student per term; this shifts the costs from the school authorities to the parents. Parents consider the fact that due to unreliable postal system, over 80% of them do not receive their ward’s end of term report cards, thus, paying ¢3.00 enables them to access the reports, check school fees payment and balances online as well as receive SMS notification and SMS summary of reports on their cell phones.

A. Outright Purchase (Online hosting— using our cloud hosting)
1. One time cost
2. One year free support
3. Annual renewal for domain and hosting
4. Annual Support and maintenance fee
5. Free Website design and hosting
6. Students can access their results online
7. Parents can access their wards results online
8. Parents can access their wards results online

B. Subscription
1. ¢3.00 per student per term to access the software online
2. No renewal fee
3. Free support and maintenance
4. Free Website design and hosting
5. Free Staff Meeting Messages
6. Free PTA Messages
7. Free Midterm/Vacation Messages
8. Free Students Examination Result Declaration messages
9. Fee Notification Messages
10. Emergency Holiday Announcement Messages

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