HapaSIS Versions

The software is built using the PHP programming language and can be installed online, on a school’s internal server or on a single PC. It has been designed specifically for schools in the West Africa sub-region that are within the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) Zone.

Hapasis School Information System Capabilities

  • Students Admission
  • Fee Management (Fee collection & Billing)
  • Examination Management (Grading, Assessment & Reports)
  • Text messages & Alerts (send PTA meetings, Students reports via sms

HapaSIS 0.1

  • Released 26 July 2012

This was the very first version of HapaSIS, and represented a great deal of work in improving the Opensis codebase.


  • Grading: We changed the grading scale to fit that of the West Africa Examinations Council.
  • Comments: Changed the Commenting process to be include Conduct’, ‘Interest’ and ‘Attitude ‘and  ‘Form Master or Mistress’
  • Report Card: Made changes to the default report card to include Term/Semester end date, Head teacher signature and other student information.

System Support And Upgrades

We provide full system support, maintenance and upgrades for all our softwares. HAPASIS clients can choose from a wide array of the services and support that have set the standard for our industry. More than 50 training days a year, a large and experienced support team — all ensure your ability to reach the full potential of the technologies we’ve created for you.


HAPASIS offers integration both in devices and design. Whether you access HAPASIS from your desktop, the web or your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod Touch®, you’re using a powerful solution with the right technology for each device — so you can use your computer, tablet or smart phone just the way it was designed to be used.